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Casey Bethel Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
AP Biology, Biology, Physics


B.S. - Biology (Pre-medicine) - Fort Valley State University

M.S. - Agronomy (Plant Genetics) - University of Georgia


2005 - 2013:  Science Department - Martin Luther King Jr. High School, DeKalb County, GA

2013 - :  Science Department - New Manchester High School, Douglas County, GA


This year  it will be my challenge to radically transform how you feel about science.  Science is AMAZING!  It extends beyond being a body of background information.  Science is way of thinking that allows you to understand the world around you.  Other areas of study expose you to what is already known, or what has already happened.  Science is unique because it shows you how to uncover new knowledge. 

About me:

I am honored to be the Douglas County School System's Teacher of the Year for 2015.  

I am a proud graduate of Fort Valley State University (B.S. – Biology) and The University of Georgia (M.S. – Agronomy).  I spent 5 years conducting experimental research in The Center for Applied Genetic Technologies in Athens, GA, and during that time I published original papers in peer reviewed science journals.  Conducting experiments was my life.  

10 years ago, I decided to lay down that pursuit, and to give back through teaching young people, and I LOVE IT!  I have taught various science courses, but I love to talk about math, literature, spanish and anything else interesting.  

For the past 5 summers I have worked in the Department of Biochemistry at the Georgia Institute of Technology (GA Tech) in a lab that studies proteins through crystallography.    

When I am not teaching, I am busy coaching, mentoring and motivating teenagers.  I am passionate about science, passionate about education and passionate about New Manchester.  Go JAGS!

I am a devoted husband and father of twins, Jaxon and Harper.  I like to spend my spare time reading good books, like 1984, Tale of Two Cities, Invisible Man and others.